Feel The Vibration

Feel the Vibration

 Look at the exhausted traveler to your left and right, if the three of you sat down and compared baggage content, oh what common ground you could find.

          In unity may we heal and discover life beyond life with no attached baggage. The universe has colored our world with happiness, sadness, love and it is through that we may give compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love in return. It is our responsibility to take up the brush and continue the coloring of the world. Not just color our lives, but color the lives of others.

 The coloring is never done. From time to time we may set our brushes down to step back and admire what we have all done together. Let us rejoice in a congregation of free spirits at the better world we set out to paint. The masterpiece of a bright color pallet consisting of compassion, joy unity and euphoria. Not only our minds, but our bodies will quiver in the quake of passion we have begun.  As we touch ourselves we touch our neighbors as well.

You feel my vibration as I feel yours. He feels hers as she feels his. We all feel the vibrations of each other,  an orgasmic sensation of togetherness. A unifying passion shared by the dwellers of our colorful world. What were our troubles before? I have forgotten now, because they don’t matter any more. In hands we join as brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, settlers and travelers not only to receive, but to give the gift of glorious energy and good vibration. To give off the vibration, it all starts with feeling it.